Sickness Certificates

If you are off work for seven days or less you are entitled to "Self Certify" and you should ask your employer or contact the Health Centre for the relevant form SC1 for the unemployed or self employed (to go to the benefits agency) or SC2 for the employed (which is sent to the employer). Doctors’ certificates will not normally be issued for these periods and if demanded a charge will be made. After the first seven days off the doctor will issue your sickness certificate. If you are in hospital the hospital will provide your certification until you are discharged. If you have not been seen you should make an appointment with doctor and or provide a hospital letter.

If you require an extension to your sickness certificate contact the reception with the details and we may be able to issue a certificate based on your previous assessment or you may be offered an appointment with the doctor to review the situation.

If you are requesting a final certificate (which must be for less than 14 days) contact the office as this can usually be issued without an appointment.

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