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Telephone Number Withheld

We have increasing problems trying to contact patients who use a call-barring system to block calls from withheld numbers. For confidentiality, the Health Centre telephone number is withheld. If you use call-barring on your telephone line, we will be unable to contact you by telephone. If you wish to discuss this, please contact the practice manager.

Hospital Discharge Arrangements

When you are discharged home from hospital, the community nurses are informed by the hospital staff if a visit is required. Not all hospital discharges are routinely visited. The community nurses will inform your doctor if a medical review is needed. Please contact the community nurses or the Health Centre if a problem arises.

Accident and Emergency Department

The A & E Department provides a 24 hour service and is staffed by qualified nurses at all times. It is to be used for accidents and emergencies only.

The nurses have undertaken additional training to enable them to treat patients presenting with minor injuries and to provide emergency contraception.

Patients presenting with more serious injuries will be seen by the duty doctor/ENP Practiotioner

You may need follow-up treatment. If so, you will be given a specific day and time to attend. Please adhere to these times, as the doctor is only in the department for a limited time each morning.

The A & E nurses also carry out treatment room duties such as blood tests, urine tests, dressings etc. These are allocated suing an appointment system and may be booked via the Health Center reception. We also run nurse-led Warfarin Monitoring clinics, again, booked via Health Center reception.

If you need to contact the A & E Department the telephone number is (01466) 765016.

X-Ray Department

The department is open 9.00am - 3.00pm Monday to Friday, but hours may vary. Patients requiring X-ray out of hours may have to travel to Aberdeen or Elgin. Non-urgent referrals during working hours may be given an appointment, depending on the workload at the time. Patients with non-urgent referrals outwith working hours will be contacted the next working day to arrange an appointment. Referral to this department is through a member of the healthcare team.

If you require to contact this department by phone, please dial the hospital number (01466 765038) and ask for the X-ray Department. During busy times and out-of-hours, you can leave a message on the answering machine.

Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury and disease by physical means. A variety of conditions, both acute and chronic and all age groups are treated. Treatments include:

Postural advice, specific exercise programmes, electrotherapy eg ultrasound, acupuncture, relaxation, manual therapies eg mobilisation/manipulation, provision of and advice regarding use of walking aids etc, pulmonary rehabilitation, back classes and continence care.

The Physiotherapy Department offers the following services:

Outpatient Clinics Monday to Friday
Inpatient Service Monday to Friday (domiciliary service as required)
Huntly Community Rehabilitation Three days a week (Patients will be contacted directly by the physio to arrange an appointment time)

Patients are referred to physiotherapy by their GP, hospital consultant or acute hospital staff.

For the outpatient clinics, all patients will be offered an initial appointment by a central referral service who will make contact either by phone, or letter. Patients may also choose to self refer for physio by phoning NHS information on 0800 917 9390.

On the first visit an assessment will be carried out by the physiotherapist in order to identify the best treatment. First visits are approximately 30-40 minutes long.

Subsequent appointments and times are agreed between patient and physiotherapist. It is recommended that the patient wears or brings suitable clothing when attending, eg shorts, skirt.

Patients unable to attend or not wishing to attend should inform the Physiotherapy Department as soon as possible ion 01466 765017.

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy provides treatment /rehabilitation for a wide range of conditions through the use of purposeful activities (occupation) that are relevant to each person. We understand the medical and physical limitations of illness, injury or ageing as well as the psychological and social factors and are able to select, grade and adapt all kinds of activities to provide therapy. A treatment programme is agreed by a qualified OT in partnership with a patient and may be carried out by the OT or a support worker under the direction of an OT.

Some of the techniques we can use include activities to provide exercise for injured limbs and backs, strokes, cardiac and chest conditions, lifestyle and anxiety management and advice on managing long-term conditions. We will help you regain your normal day-to-day routine wherever possible and can provide equipment to help with or compensate for a disability if required. Based at Jubilee Hospital, we provide inpatient and outpatient services, as well as a community rehabilitation service in peoples own homes, available Monday to Friday.

xWe can accept referrals from anyone and can be contacted on 01466 765027 (inpatients), 01466 765042 (community rehab).


The dietician offers help and advice on all dietary matters, including the healthy diet, diabetes, weight reducing diets and other rarer medical conditions requiring a special diet. Referral is through a member of the healthcare team.

Speech and Language Therapy

The speech and language therapist sees both adults and children with a variety of communication and, in some cases, feeding problems. Referrals are made by a member of the healthcare team, usually the health visitor, or, in the case of adults, the doctor. Appointments are offered at the Speech and Language Therapy Clinic, in hospital, at home or at school, depending on the circumstances.
Telephone number (01466) 765010.

Podiatrists (Chiropodists)

The chiropodist helps and advises on problems with the feet; this is particularly important with diabetes and circulation disorders. Referral is through a member of the healthcare team. Telephone number (01466) 765011.


A gradual deterioration in vision should be initially assessed by an optician who will advise you on further treatment or refer you to your doctor.

Duncan & Todd (01466) 799190
Fred Watt (01466) 793466

Local Chemists

Baird Pharmacy on Duke Street. Telephone number (01466) 792141
Largue Pharmacy on Gordon Street. Telephone number (01466) 792728

Social Work

The Social Work Department offers a wide range of services dealing with the whole spectrum of people's social needs. Welfare benefits, access to services for the elderly, mental handicap, physical handicap etc. Grief and supportive counselling is also available from this source. Telephone number 0345 608 1206.

Networks of Wellbeing

Networks of Wellbeing (NoW) is an inclusive and diverse organisation which promotes and supports people in improving their mental health and wellbeing. For further information please follow the link:


Medicines in Scotland: Whats the right treatment for you?

The following factsheet is for patients and the public and explains how your doctor (or other healthcare professional) decides what is the right treatment for you, whether you need a medicine and, if so, which medicine to prescribe.

Medicines are usually prescribed by a doctor. However, other healthcare professionals can also prescribe medicines (for example some nurses, pharmacists, dentists and physiotherapists). In this factsheet, "healthcare professional" is used to describe the person prescribing the medicine.

For more information and to download the fact sheet click here

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