The following services can be accessed via reception.

New Registration Medicals - We offer all new patients an appointment to welcome them to the Health Centre, to provide a health check and discuss any previous or present medical problems. We strongly encourage new patients to use this service to improve your care as it takes more than 10 weeks for your notes to arrive here from your previous practice. An appointment can be made at reception at time of registration

Ischaemic Heart Disease Clinic - Is for people who have had heart attacks, coronary artery bypass grafting or patients with angina. Medication, treatment and lifestyle are assessed and reviewed.

Asthma and Chest Clinics - Are to help patients with asthma and chronic obstructive airways disease (previously known as chronic bronchitis or emphysema) to achieve good symptom control, understand their illness and improve their quality of life. Referral is by the GP or you can make an appointment at reception. (Note: if you have daily need for a relief inhaler or your activities are curtailed on account of asthma, then you should either attend this clinic or make an appointment to see your own doctor).

Diabetic Clinic - Is to help patients with diabetes to understand their illness, achieve good control of blood sugar levels, prevent complications and improve their quality of life. Referral is by the GP and an appointment will be sent to you.

High Blood Pressure Clinic - Is used to assess newly diagnosed patients, monitor control of blood pressure in those on treatment and to advise on lifestyle.

Lifestyle and Dietary Advice - Can be used for patients with a variety of issues from dietary and exercise advice to smoking cessation.

Antenatal Care - The Maternity Unit midwives provide this in partnership with the doctors.

Family Planning - All the doctors provide this and Dr Cosgrove has a special interest. The annual checks for contraceptive pill users are provided by the practice nurses. If you are late for this you will receive a reminder to make an appointment when you request your prescription.

Cervical Smears - All women between 20 and 60 are invited to attend for a cervical smear every three years. A reminder will be sent to you when this is due. All patients are notified by letter of their smear results.

Child Health Surveillance and Baby Clinic including Immunisations - Are provided by a visiting community medical officer, practice nurses and the health visitors. Once registered with the practice you will be sent an appointment time for your child(ren). Clinics are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.

Flu Vaccination - Flu and Pneumococcal vaccines are done by practice nurses usually in October/November.

Immunisation Clinic - Is for the routine immunisation of children and adults;
appointments are required. Reminders are sent for childhoood immunisations. Ask at reception for clinic times.

We also provide the following services: Anti-coagulant monitoring, near patient testing and drug misuse prescribing (under supervision from the Drug Advisory Service).

Well Woman Clinic - Lifestyle advice, menstrual problems, contraception, cervical smears, continence problems, menopause/HRT.

Travel Clinic

• If you are travelling abroad please contact us three months before you go. If you contact us less than eight weeks before you travel we will not be able to provide you with this service.

• Prior to your appointment we ask you to complete a Travel Plan form (available at the health centre reception) so that we can have accurate information and advice ready for you when you attend.

• This service is not provided by the NHS and there can be a significant charge depending on which vaccinations you require.

• Huntly Health Centre is a designated yellow fever centre.

Minor Surgery - Several procedures are available. Please discuss this with your doctor.

Ear Syringing - If you have previously had this done, an appointment can be made at reception. Otherwise referral is by your GP.

Medicals - These are undertaken on a private basis by the doctors.

Ultrasound - Dr Watt offers a basic ultrasound services to the locality twice a week following refferal from your GP.

Care Management

Care Managers assess individuals to decide what level of care they need. This is done with the individual and her/his carer. The aim is to enable people to live as normal a life as possible at home or in a homely environment in the local community. The right amount of care and support will be provided so that people can be as independent as possible.

Who Qualifies for Care Management?

People with difficulties related to ageing, illness, learning disabilities, physical disability, sensory impairment, mental health or substance misuse issues; others living in the community who have complex needs or who may require being in a care home setting.

Our local staff are based at 25 Gordon Street, Huntly - Tel. No 0345 608 1206.

Community Substance Misuse Service

The Community Substance Misuse Service provides help to people, aged 16 and over, who want to address their substance misuse problems. It is a free, confidential service and you can refer yourself or be referred by your GP.

Our aim is to reduce the harm associated with misusing alcohol or drugs and to develop people's skills, confidence and coping strategies so that they feel more able to change. It may be that you require rehabilitation and counselling, help with practical issues or the opportunity to develop new interests and social contacts. Our staff can provide you with the support required and can also offer practical help if you decide to return to education, training or employment.

Similarly, if you have a family member who is experiencing drug or alcohol problems and want help to deal with the situation, please contact us for information and support.

Our local staff are based at 25 Gordon Street, Huntly - Tel. No 0345 608 1206.

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