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Update on Covid Vaccination Rollout


The Practice have almost completed the first Covid Vaccinations for our patients aged 80 and over.


All other age cohorts/priority groups are being organised and delivered by Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) Vaccination Team.


Their will be a mass vaccination hub in the Stewarts Hall, Gordon Street, Huntly.


All patients in priority groups will be contacted direct by the HSCP.  There will be details on your appointment letter how to change your appointment if not suitable.  There will also be a number to ring if you have problems with transport to the vaccination hub.


Please do not contact your GP Practice regarding your Covid-19 vaccine, as we will be unable to assist you.  Any queries regarding your vaccination appointment etc, you must contact the number on your letter or access the following website




People with bleeding disorders or people taking medication to thin the blood or reduce bleeding should consult their specialist for advice on vaccination.


NHS Grampian advise not to phone your GP.



    • Patients who are prescribed blood thinning medication including warfarin, aspirin, clopidogrel, rivarovxaban, edoxaban and apixiban should not be concerned about receiving the COVID-19 vaccine and should attend their appointment to receive this important immunisation.


    • There is no need to contact your general practice for advice regarding blood thinning medication prior to attending for COVID-19 immunisation.


    • Vaccinators will ask a question related to this prior to administering an injection.


    • Patients on blood thinning medication may bruise more readily, the vaccinator will simply apply pressure after immunisation to the injection site for a bit longer than average. Reassuringly, the needle the COVID-19 vaccine is given with is very small and causes minimal trauma


    • If the individual receives medication/ treatment to reduce bleeding, for example treatment for haemophilia, intramuscular vaccination can be scheduled shortly after such medication/ treatment is administered. Please call the number on your letter to rearrange your appointment if required.



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