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You are now able to access a first contact physiotherapist at your practice without having to see your doctor. Posted on 3 Mar 2021

Inclusion critera (what the FCP can see): 

· All soft tissue injuries, sprains, strains or sports injuries (that do not require A & E or minor injuries)

· Shoulder, elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle, foot pain

· Arthritis – any joint

· Possible problems with muscles, ligaments, tendons or bone, e.g tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, ankle sprains

· Spinal pain including lower back pain, mid-back pain and neck pain

· Spinal-related pain in arms or legs, including nerve symptoms e.g pins and needles or numbness

· Post-orthopaedic surgery


Exclusion criteria (what the FCP cannot see): 

· Patients who are already seeing the GP for this problem

· Patients who do not have joint, muscle or bone pain

· Acutely unwell e.g fever, sweats, temperature

· Open wounds, facial/head injuries

· Children under 16 that are non sports injuries – discuss with local FCP’s

· Abdominal pain

· Chest pain

· Medical management of rheumatoid conditions

· Women’s health, antenatal and postnatal problems

· House-bound patients

· Medication reviews

· Neurological, falls and respiratory conditions

· Headaches, migraine & dizziness

· Acute mental health crises

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